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IMPORTANT! Please read all contest and promo rules below:

  • Agent is eligible for $600 cash bonus for each AireSpring Network Long Distance T-1, $400 cash bonus per other carrier LD T-1.
  • Additional 5% residual bonus commission (in addition to existing commissions and bonuses) on AireSpring Network Dedicated LD and SIP LD.  Valid on new customer orders only.  Applies to 1+ Interstate Long Distance Standard Blended Rates only.
  • Agent is eligible for 500% cash bonus on 3-year contract Port MRC per AireSpring Network Local/Integrated T-1 Local SIP Trunking & Cloud Hosted PBX (400% on 2-year contract and 125% on other carriers)
  • Agent is eligible for 200% cash bonus on MPLS/VoMPLS.
  • Agent is eligible for 125% cash bonus of Port MRC for each DS-1 DIA/Bonded/High-Speed IP/Ethernet DIA.
  • Agent is eligible for 125% cash bonus for Private Lines.
  • Agent is eligible for $600 cash bonus for SIP LD (per every $800 usage) with minimum usage commitment term of 12-months or more. This cash bonus will be paid to each qualified agent on the 2nd , the 9th and the 12th month of customer billing (one third each). Agent must request bonus within 90 days after customer’s 12th month of service to Special pricing and wholesale single route product is not eligible. Unpaid customer bills not eligible. Promo eligible for orders received by 5PM PST on 02/29/12. Only valid for pure SIP LD traffic delivered over the public internet or over AireSpring provided IP. Maximum payout of $6,000 per customer, regardless of the number of accounts or locations.
  • In order to qualify for promotion, customer contract must be received at AireSpring by 5:00pm PST on FEBRUARY 29, 2012.
  • LD T-1 must bill at least $800 in eligible usage on second bill (first full month of billing). Maximum available bonus per account is $6,000, regardless of number or locations or multiple accounts.
  • AireSpring Network LD T-1 must bill at least $800 in eligible usage on second bill (first full month of billing). Maximum available bonus per account is $6,000, regardless of number of locations or multiple accounts.
  • For all products and services, maximum payout of $6,000 per customer, regardless of the number of accounts or locations or types of services.
  • Eligible usage includes dedicated circuit 1+ and toll-free long distance calling excluding taxes, surcharges, monthly recurring charges, directory assistance, operator assisted or any other add on charges or fees.
  • Usage is defined as commissionable voice usage only (not including taxes, MRC’s, etc.)
  • Minimum one year term contract required for LD T-1 and two years term contract required for Local T-1/PRI.
  • Promotion available to agents for new customers or new add-on circuits only.
  • In order for the bonus to be issued to the agent, the customer must be current on all bills and have no delinquencies or bad debt and be in compliance with the terms of their contract for service.
  • If customer cancels service, significantly reduces usage or is disconnected for nonpayment during or prior to the end of the term, AireSpring reserves the right to charge back to agent as appropriate a pro-rated portion of the bonus previously issued.
  • LD T-1s: If customer's average billing for the period of the term agreement was less than $800 per month, a pro-rated chargeback will be applied to agent's commissions.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.
  • Tiered rates do not qualify for bonus commissions.
  • Cash bonuses are for New T-1s only. Renewals and moves qualify for bonus residual commissions and regular commissions only.
  • Only credit approved and installed circuits are eligible.
  • Standard retail pricing must be used. Any non-standard special pricing will not qualify for the bonus unless specifically stated in writing from AireSpring.
  • Cash bonuses are for retail business and enterprise accounts only. Wholesale, resale and non-retail accounts are not eligible for any cash bonus commissions.
  • AireSpring reserves the right to verify that all orders conform to the intent and guidelines of this promotion.
  • Agents have 7 days after the last month of the promotion period to change any order from last month’s promo to this month’s promo, to take advantage of higher commission bonuses, etc. However, if changing an order, all factors must match the new promo, including NRCs, etc. If the new month’s promo does not include a promotional NRC, then the order, if changed, would no longer be eligible for the promotional NRC from the prior month.